Thursday, October 3, 2013


We moved. Yep. Halfway across the state. Which is saying something in Texas. Since it was such short notice, we had to stick all our stuff in storage and stay with family for a bit while we located a new place and built up the deposit.

Missed KCW in July, my machine was packed. I did finally finish the cargo pants for Chaos and the intended boatneck for the Hawk became an outfit. Need to let out the waistband now though, little weed.

Those... were the last things I made. Now with everything all moved in, and mostly unpacked (LEGOs, I'm looking at you), the nesting urges are kicking in.

Yes, nesting urges. We are expecting a new baby at the end of February! Watch for baby things to pop up. KCW October might see some diapers and crib shoes.