Monday, April 29, 2013

KCW Day 7: off to the Flickr Group we go!

Day 7, yesterday.  Final hemming was actually done this morning, so I could test it on Chaos.  He was at his dad's this weekend.  It's trying to curl, but I don't care much, cause that is a darned adorable shirt!  The Hawk looks just as cute in his, but I can't get him to sit even slightly still enough for a picture, so.... hanger shot it is!  With Chaos pointing things out to you.

And now, we go post this stuff in the Flickr group!

KCW Day 5+6

Got done, I promise, but didn't get posted about... kiddos waaaaay underfoot.  It happens.

Day 5:  Shirts got sleeves attached and side seams sewn.  Internal seams got finished.

Day 6: Cuffs, collars and hems.  Invisible seams for the collars, and I think when I sew this pattern again (because I WILL, it was a blast to sew and looks amazing), I'll use invisible seams for the cuffs, too.  These gave me a slightly difficult time, but that might be because they're small and fiddly.

Anyway, have some in progress shots!

Friday, April 26, 2013

KCW Day 3 + 4

Posting mobile. We'll see how this app works.

Last night was just about a bust. Hawk was up late and pesty, to boot.  I barely finished a single sleeve placket, but the other three are pressed and pinned, at least.

Wednesday, the shirt backs received pleats and got yoked and attached to the fronts. Is that the right word? Yoked? It is now.

No pics of progress today, sorry. Keeping it short since I'm posting with a kid draped across my torso. My kitchen helper brushed a hand across a still hot stove burner. Poor kid.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCW Day 2

Plackets.  That was a lot of precision measuring, careful cutting and slow careful stitching.  Two button plackets.  I'm actually considering leaving them without buttons.  Sleeves, too.

The shirt for Hawk had some accidental awesome.  I cut the shirt front, and stitched the placket to the back.  Flipped it over, and began to pin it in place.  Woah, pattern match.  Cool.  Kept pinning, stitched it down.  Top stitched the opposite side.  Laid it out to be ironed down correctly....  Fold, fold... HEY!  The WHOLE FRONT matches!  I'm not sure I could managed that if I tried!

Also, a silly sewing moment occurred when a star looked glum at having his face stitched into.  Ha.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Day 1

Was yesterday.  Yep.  Since I did my "hour" late last night, and probably will again tonight, I'll just post it all a day behind.  Ish.

Last week, I cut out the pattern pieces that I wanted to use.  The Prepster Pullover got printed once, traced and cut twice.  For the record, I hate using multiple sheets of paper taped together, so I just transfer the bigger pieces onto wrapping paper.  So, there was a pair of patterns, 18M and 2T, waiting.  I washed the fabric last week, too, and folded it neatly.

Last night, I cleared off the kitchen table, anticipated probable toddler incursions, got cat interference instead, and went to work.  It took longer than an hour, but I traced and cut out both shirts.  Tonight, a couple of interfacing pieces need tracing and cutting, and I'm hoping to make some headway on basic assembly.  I still don't have buttons, and won't for a week or three, so these'll just be "finished."

If I can get these done quick enough, I'll try for a Beachy Boatneck next using some fantastic knit fabric from Girl Charlee.  (Which I totally package stalked three times a day until it was finally in my greedy grubbies.)  After that, the queue shows board shorts for both kiddos, and something else that I don't want to give away just yet.  It should be fun!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hawaii fabric!

Island cultural references!
A couple of weeks ago, my beloved's awesome mother sent me some amazing fabric.  I'd never seen fabric like that until she came to visit right after the Hawk was born.

It does not get cooler than surfing ninjas.
She brought a pair of blankets for the kids.  Those blankets are magic, I'm telling you.  They're awesome patterns for one, and the perfect weight and thickness and warmth and softness and....  yeah.  Exceedingly simple construction. Whole cloth lengths, rounded corners, fusible fleece on one side, and bias tape bound.  But that just makes them all the more freaking awesome.  Anytime I wrap a kid in one of those blankets, and they each know their own blankets, they almost instantly calm down, and no matter how awkward the sleeping position, if Hawk is napping with that blanket.... he won't wake up prematurely.  Until Chaos gave up naps altogether, he wouldn't go down without it.

Dude! Surfing SUSHI! 
Wonderful woman, she offered to send me some fabric.  Last month, she sent me a bunch of pictures from the store, and let me pick some out.  A week later, I squealed so loud she could probably hear it from Hawaii.  Already cut into one for something for me, and have designs on the rest of that piece, but I need to locate some magnets.  The other two are slated for projects for the boys.  Patterns prepared, interfacing purchased, threads matched, and now I'm hunting perfect buttons.

A sneak peek at what I did with mine!

I would really like to wrap up the rest of the projects for me, since next week is Kid's Clothes Week.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Covert Robin Gift post!

Postage stamp patchwork, made into a zippered pouch.  There was also another pouch, using the same fabrics, done in one inch strips, horizontally pieced together.  Same lining and another black zipper, but no pictures because crazy.  Crazy things this month, so the trip to the post office squeaked in under the wire, and with Easter weekend being the same weekend, I hope my recipient received her package before she went on vacation!

Yeah, I'm aware formatting is wonky, still learning, with toddlers knocking into me to boot.  Next post, the awesome pillow cover my Covert Robin made.  I still squeal inside thinking about it!