Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So, uh...

Sick kids, sick beloved, sick cat and mommy super-immune system means my week has been rough.  I've cleaned up puke and boogers and hairballs and been up with fevers and coughs and insomnia (from daytime fever naps).  Which means that I've gotten jack and shit done in terms of sewing.

I did manage to get the welt pockets, front pockets, and a working zipper fly complete on Chaos's cargo pants.  And that's about it.  Oh, and I made a small suedey sacky thing for ice packs, cause Chaos burned his hand and that was the only thing that would keep him quiet.  Going to try the bias tape binding on the legs this week(end) and maybe, hopefully, I'll have something to show for it.

As I've aged (not always gracefully), I've gotten to the point where I don't like just sitting, even if I'm watching something.  Hand finishing the collars on the boys' shirts during KCW was done during some of our evening TV time.  It was enjoyable.  I've recently begun to feel like TV is more of a waste of time that it used to feel like, so doing something was a good way to ameliorate that feeling.  So, I looked into something I'd seen referenced "English paper piecing" and what it entails and what you can do with it.  I found them.  Hexies.  Yep, I'm going to start a hexie project.  Scraps have been sorted, templates cut, and soon I'll cut cloth.

Also, the Krieg DLC for Borderlands 2 released, so my beloved and I are leveling a psycho and a mechromancer.  Krieg is creeptacular, so I doubt I'll level one of my own.  Eesh.  This won't last too much longer, my beloved is getting the Lego building bug again, and Borderlands are the only games I play, besides From Dust occasionally.  I gave Flower a go, and liked it, but not enough to go back to.

He should really have a pseudonym, shouldn't he?  "My beloved" is a little rough to type out.  How about Drummer?  That's one of his hobbies, and one I hope he'll take up again soon.  We need some more music in the house.  It sounds better than Artist.  He drew my avatar picture while I was pregnant to make me feel better about being so huge.  Yeah, Drummer.  I like that.

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