Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hawaii fabric!

Island cultural references!
A couple of weeks ago, my beloved's awesome mother sent me some amazing fabric.  I'd never seen fabric like that until she came to visit right after the Hawk was born.

It does not get cooler than surfing ninjas.
She brought a pair of blankets for the kids.  Those blankets are magic, I'm telling you.  They're awesome patterns for one, and the perfect weight and thickness and warmth and softness and....  yeah.  Exceedingly simple construction. Whole cloth lengths, rounded corners, fusible fleece on one side, and bias tape bound.  But that just makes them all the more freaking awesome.  Anytime I wrap a kid in one of those blankets, and they each know their own blankets, they almost instantly calm down, and no matter how awkward the sleeping position, if Hawk is napping with that blanket.... he won't wake up prematurely.  Until Chaos gave up naps altogether, he wouldn't go down without it.

Dude! Surfing SUSHI! 
Wonderful woman, she offered to send me some fabric.  Last month, she sent me a bunch of pictures from the store, and let me pick some out.  A week later, I squealed so loud she could probably hear it from Hawaii.  Already cut into one for something for me, and have designs on the rest of that piece, but I need to locate some magnets.  The other two are slated for projects for the boys.  Patterns prepared, interfacing purchased, threads matched, and now I'm hunting perfect buttons.

A sneak peek at what I did with mine!

I would really like to wrap up the rest of the projects for me, since next week is Kid's Clothes Week.

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