Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCW Day 2

Plackets.  That was a lot of precision measuring, careful cutting and slow careful stitching.  Two button plackets.  I'm actually considering leaving them without buttons.  Sleeves, too.

The shirt for Hawk had some accidental awesome.  I cut the shirt front, and stitched the placket to the back.  Flipped it over, and began to pin it in place.  Woah, pattern match.  Cool.  Kept pinning, stitched it down.  Top stitched the opposite side.  Laid it out to be ironed down correctly....  Fold, fold... HEY!  The WHOLE FRONT matches!  I'm not sure I could managed that if I tried!

Also, a silly sewing moment occurred when a star looked glum at having his face stitched into.  Ha.

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