Sunday, March 31, 2013


I think that's how that's spelled....


The Hawk turned one!  We had a party, it was awesome.  Homemade decorations, except balloons.  Don't know how to make those.  I used classic paper chains and Dana's tutorial on paper ball chains over at MADE.  Everyone loved them.  Unsolicited comments and everything.  Since Hawk is a Pi day baby, I made apple pie cakes.  Pie crust in a pan, fill with applesauce cake, bake.  Top with pureed apple pie filling and frost with brownish frosting in a lattice pattern.  Hawk had a separate smash cake, and everyone else had cupcakes (small rounds of pie crust on the bottom of the cupcake, fill, top and frost).

I did not manage to get his birthday suit finished.  Unexpected events earlier in the week put me off schedule.    Finished it today, and it is as cute as I'd hoped, especially for a self drafted pattern.

My Covert Robin's package came half an hour before everyone showed up, so it got opened, squealed over with my bestie, and carefully set aside so as not to get caked on (there was a blast radius).  I love it!  How she knew my couch is brown, I'll never know but it is completely amazing!  Also managed to get the pouches I was working on finished and mailed out for my swap recipient.  My beloved had to squeak in the door just before closing time for me.  Whew!  Since today is the first day I've had to get on the big computer (I've tried and cannot post from my smartphone), I need to go make the appropriate noises in the appropriate places about these.

My beloved's terrific mother texted me from the store, all the way from Hawaii and through the miracle of technology, sent a bunch of pictures of fun local kawaii fabric and let me pick out a few yards.  So I'm expecting that bit of nifty in the mail.  His family is so awesome, I love them.  Picked up a new purse pattern, and hope to make her something for Mother's Day.

As soon as he finishes the current section of God of War, we'll be watching some more Dr. Who.  The universe seems to have sent several signals out about this, so....  I have no idea why watching a British television show could be important, but.... alright.  We're enjoying it, in any case.

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