Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One down, some to go

One goal finished!

I managed to get the great experimental portfolio project for my beloved's dad finished!  Whew.  That thing was a pain the rear, but I think can I do it again, bigger, better, and certainly faster.  Since beginning the idea, I've learned a handful of tricks I sincerely wish I'd known during the planning phases, at least.  BUT.  It's done!  Hurray!  Pictures up later, since it's large enough to take two people to get good images.

Now, on to the postage stamp patchwork.  That'll be for another gift.  I might take a bit of a detour and make my mom some hot/cold packs.  There's also a purse in the works with some wonderful vintage kimono fabric, and a fun skirt for my niece.  But the patchwork project must get done this week or next, and shipped this month; in the spirit of stretching comfort zones, I'm participating in a Covert Robin swap.  Check it out here.  Also, I like the person chosen for me.  Always fun to find new blogs to follow!

This week, the Hawk turns one.  We'll have his favorite meatloaf and macaroni and cheese on Thursday, and celebrate with a party next weekend, the 23rd.  Experiments with making decorations this weekend.

And... now back to party planning.  And lunch.  And Toy Story.

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