Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wee, first post!

*first post dance*

Okay, that's done.  I truly have intended to start a blog, for no readily discernible reason.  Perhaps I think it will push me to learn new skills.  My photography in particular sucks... yeah. Some examples of how not to take pictures coming soon.

So, I'm 28, mother of two boys, my little punks, and I love making a house a home.  Pretty much my whole life, I knew I'd want kids and to stay home to raise them.  This involves more dishes and laundry than I'd like, but also the cooking, baking, and sewing that I was hoping for.

My children are my life.  (While I like talking about them, I also believe in preserving their anonymity, so they are given a pseudonym according to the meaning of his name.)  Chaos is two and a half, and Hawk turns one on March 14th!  Exciting!  My beloved is in the elevator trade.  It has its ups and downs.

Yes, we're punny like that, please excuse.

I enjoy cooking for almost anyone, and it is one of the activities my beloved and I share as a couple.  It drew us to each other, and keeps us laughing and trying new things.  I learned to cook in the South, and he learned to cook in Hawaii.  This means he puts soy sauce on rice.  I think butter goes on rice.  We keep both on the lazy susan.  More and more I try to get organic, natural, and fresh whole foods.  We are not vegetarian - we like bacon too much.

Baking is my bit, especially breads and desserts, but my beloved makes a terrific cheesecake.  Too bad I can't have any of those until Hawk either quits nursing or outgrows his dairy sensitivity.  We're due to check again in a few months, so here's hoping!  Lately, we've been going through loaves and loaves of black pepper prosciutto bread, so I'll be making more of that this week.

My favorite things to sew are for my boys, but my beloved is getting jealous.  Perhaps it is time to try the cargo kilt he's asked for?  I also greatly enjoy sewing utility items like storage baskets and bowls, handbags and clutches, purses and totes, zipper pouches and tablet sleeves.  Crocheting is on my list to learn, just as soon as we can manage a trip to see my grandmother in Arkansas.  My sewing to do list this year includes completing a quilt top of any size and design.  The actual quilting might wait until next year, and another visit to my grandmother.  Hey, I've got two kids under three, and I'm pleased just to get the breakfast dishes done by dinner!

Other random things of note:  I have a cat.  I like fairies (but not Tinkerbell), rabbits, mermaids and hedgehogs.  I am short.  I served in the US Navy as a Mineman, and never left the continental US - what the heck?!  I used to dance, jazz and modern.  I like Legos, especially the big Creator sets and the Architecture series.  I am creative, but have the artistic skill of the infamous stick figure himself.  I wear my baby with a wrap covered in skulls.  Fluttershy is best pony.  You heard me.

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