Sunday, March 10, 2013


So, back from Louisiana.  Saw some family, buried a grandparent, discovered that the Mazda thing we rented was absolutely the most uncomfortable little car for a road trip, and that I missed Spanish moss.

There is also a recipe for teacakes sitting on my desk that I'm itching to try.  Ms. Chapman has been making these for weddings, funerals, births, and other family and community events for decades.  Decades.  DECADES.  And she is now famous for them.  She'll freely hand out the recipe, but no one has been able to replicate them, not even my Momoo.  So I'll try my hand at it.  I doubt it'll be quite the same, but I'm willing to try!

If that fails, strawberry banana oatmeal or pear n candied ginger muffins are a pale substitute.  But probably healthier for me.  Heh.

This week, I'm going to finish a portfolio for my beloved's father, and try my hand at postage stamp patchwork.  Those are the goals!

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